A new landmark office building and residential complex in the heart of Prague on Vinohradska street. Located on the plot of the former Transgas headquarters the proposal envisions a dynamic curved glass facade enveloped with a sculpture by American artist and designer Misha Kahn. The sculpture, in the form of a futuristic plant growing on the façade, nods to the historic ornamentation of historical 18th and 19th century buildings surrounding the site and the name of the city quarter itself Vinohrady (vineyards in English). With a first of its kind large scale façade installation entirely 3d printed from recycled plastics the design is a bold marriage between art and architecture. The curved curtainwall façade is further enhanced with a degrade mirror print that follows the shape of the sculpture adding a layer of privacy and reflection and deepening the spatial effect of the installation. The new building aims to achieve a gold LEED certificate and become a beacon of sustainable architecture in the city of Prague providing both comfort to its occupants as well as minimising its energy footprint on the environment. The design proposal was shortlisted for the final round of an international design competition for the project.