Tabouret Mutant

Tabouret Mutant abstracts and recontextualises an iconic design object. The work is at once a meticulously crafted sculpture and a reaction to the status quo. In a bold Warholian gesture, Tabouret Mutant transforms the omnipresent Cralotte Perriand's 1950s Tabouret Berger, reconsidering its role as an object in the world and in commerce and culture. Using simple 3D digital modelling software, Tabouret Mutant was designed in a single intuitive pass meant to capture the unfettered thoughts, memories, references, and emotions prompted during its conception. Based on this design, Tabouret Mutant is cast in Bohemian uranium glass, an otherworldly material that looks as though it could defy the laws of nature and shape-shift at any time. The material evokes both supernatural galactic wonders and earthbound dangers, conjuring the powers of Kryptonite and the perils of nuclear war. The mutant composition looks as if the stools have haphazardly molten into each other, frozen in a glowing moment.

Tabouret Mutant was exhibited for the first time at Design Miami 2022 with Objective Gallery.