Tabouret Mutant

Tabouret Mutant abstracts and recontextualises the iconic Tabouret Berger, a low table-stool, created in the 1950s by architect and designer Charlotte Perriand. The work is at once a meticulously hand-crafted sculpture and a satirical reaction to the status quo. The original vintage pieces are revered by collectors around the world despite the unknown total number of them circulating on the market. Tabouret Mutant imagines that a vast storage vault packed high with these wooden stools was exposed to radiation from a nuclear disaster in a nearby European country. The stools transmogrified into a new consistency and haphazard formations, becoming frozen in a glowing radioactive moment. In a bold Warholian gesture, Tabouret Mutant celebrates the original Tabouret Berger, reconsidering its role as an object in the world and in commerce and culture, giving it a new life in an ageless material. Tabouret Mutant is cast and extensively carved by hand in Bohemian uranium glass, an otherworldly material that looks as though it could defy the laws of nature and shape-shift at any time. The material evokes both supernatural galactic wonders and earthbound dangers, conjuring the powers of Kryptonite and the perils of nuclear power and war.

Tabouret Mutant was exhibited for the first time at Design Miami 2022 with Objective Gallery.