Villa Amardi

Set in the private residential area close to the Dubai desert this spacious villa and the accompanying service buildings are to serve as the client’s main family residence. The villa is functionally divided into three main volumes – guest, formal reception and family wings. The main objective was to create a modern and sustainable building with an emphasis on the indoor / outdoor relationships and functional spatial arrangements corresponding with the local culture.

With its solid façade and minimal openings towards the neighbouring plots as well as with the main garden area enclosed from three sides the villa is providing ample privacy and comfort, which was one of the crucial factors in the design stages. Keeping this arrangement in mind it became possible to fully open the façade towards the vast gardens and allow for outdoor landscaping and surroundings to penetrate the life inside the house.

The generous roof overhang as well as the fixed external sun shading is keeping the glass façade fully protected during the hot summer months whilst in winter the sun is allowed to penetrate the living spaces in the morning hours to allow for natural heating after the cold desert nights.