Maraska Mall



Set in the heart of the coastal city of Zadar (Croatia) with it’s history dating back to ancient Rome the aim of this new project was to give back to the public and provide and inviting new setting for socialising.

The architecture itself is inspired by the yachts parked in the adjacent marina and the flags carried by the wind. A dynamic structure that appears to be in motion is further enhanced by richly carved natural stone cladding in a wave-like texture that forms soft bands wrapping around the structure.

A new central square between the new Retail  building and the adjacent Hyatt Regency Hotel facing the marina and the sea forms the focal point of the spatial arrangement. Cascading steps around a water feature are inviting visitors to gather and observe the famed Zadar sunset whilst the cascading and architecture of the building is providing various spatial arrangements for the retail and f&b outlets with shaded and open to sky terraces.