Diklo Residence Zadar, Croatia

This modern family residence is located on the beach front of the beautiful Dalmatian coast. The property comprises of 3 apartment units, one on each floor, vast roof terrace and a garden with swimming pool.

Sustainability was one of the key elements in the development of the architectural design. In order to minimise energy consumption and maintain privacy, façade was kept predominantly solid towards the neighbouring plots whilst the glass façade overlooking the Adriatic Sea, on the south side, is recessed beneath the balcony overhang, thus fully shaded during the hottest summer hours. This has allowed for usage of minimal UV coating and maintaining very clear glass in order to enjoy true colours of the outdoors. Usage of locally quarried white stone on the naturally ventilated façade not only reflects the majority of the harsh sun light but it also allows for the building to change colours with the different phases of the sun during the day.

The interior layouts have been kept clean and functional. The main views were awarded to the living and dining area including two main bedrooms, whilst the remaining bedrooms, service areas, main staircase and circulation spaces were located on the north.